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Welcome to the Beatnik Shop. We invite you to browse our catalogue of award-winning books and captivating curios. This shop is an extension of Beatnik Publishing, an independent New Zealand publishing house.

Team Beatnik

Sally Greer would be our Big Beatnik Boss except beatniks don’t have bosses. A brainwaving creative dynamo, she perfected her multi-skills of design, photography and publishing on the Canadians and the British for a dozen years before coming home to found Beatnik in 2007. Mum to one boy as well as to one award-winning publishing and design studio with an international reputation, Sally plays volleyball in her spare time.

Kitki Tong joined the Beatnik team in mid-2012 as a graphic design intern and has since taken on print production responsibilities. Kitki has contributed to a number of Beatnik projects, including Graf/AK, Ripe Recipes – A Fresh Batch, May I Ask You Something and Liberating Self.

Janet McAllister is Beatnik’s editor and proofreader-in-chief. Proudly semi-retired in her mid-30s, she writes a weekly arts and culture column and reviews theatre for the NZ Herald. If you need a discourse analysed, she's your woman. She loves semi-colons and it is her mission in life to let everybody know that ‘begging the question’ means a circular argument.

Charlie North lurks behind the scenes at Beatnik. If Beatnik were a book, he would be the fine print. The details. Making sure the computers are all running and that the lights are hanging at the right level.

Karen McKenzie is Beatnik's publicist extraordinaire. She also keeps our authors extremely excited about their projects all-the-time.