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Product Image 100 Best Posters 14

100 Best Posters 14

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Designing posters means cuting down to the essentials. The challenge is to make a big impact on a small budget. The life of a poster is short but intense. Some live longer … Almost no other design task allows creative minds to sail so close to the wind of visual trend as the poster. It wants to push the boundaries and is allowed to revolutionise our visual habits. It must have an impact from a distance. And keep its promise once we get close to it. With the aim of attracting attention, it gives its all. It knows how transient the looks it gets can be; it can sense it own impermanence – and goes the whole hog. These are brutal circumstances, in which opinions differ; once you’ve locked onto it, the poster doesn’t let you go. This is what makes the study of posters so valuable – and especially of the 100 best examples, of course.

© Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Karin Schmidt-Friderichs

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