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Product Image Every Day I Draw At Least One Letter

Every Day I Draw At Least One Letter

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"On the streets you look at girls; I look at type." This may be recipe for the success of internationally renowned type designer Hannes von Döhren. Bestselling types like Brandon can only be created on the basis of observation, enthusiasm and perseverance.
Erik Spiekermann has the impression that there are more type designers in Berlin today than police ošfficers. Not the best conditions for a designer to dare take that step into self-employment. Yet that is precisely what Hannes von Döhren did six years ago. He resolved to focus entirely on the design of fonts, to draw at least one letter every day and make type the epicentre of his life. Most of all his success is based on passionate enthusiasm and dogged persistence. In this way, Hannes von Döhren’s dream came true; he now not only lives for his types, but from them.
He presents his fonts of the past six years: 16 bread-and-butter types, 15 display fonts, 31 families, 358 individual fonts. He discloses his secrets of success and how to deal with spray fonts. And he offers a special gift: five fancy fonts for free!

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