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Product Image How Do You Say 'Thank You'?

How Do You Say 'Thank You'?


Alofa and Filipo want to learn Gagana Sāmoa!

At bedtime, they ask Mummy and Daddy: ‘Can you teach us to say thank you?’ The answers to their questions introduce readers to the Sāmoan language and to Alofa and Filipo’s family and culture.

How Do You Say ‘Thank You’? is the first book in the Navigator series. The Navigator series introduces the Sāmoan language and Sāmoan values in a colourful and fun bilingual format. The combined use of English and Sāmoan empowers learners of the Sāmoan language to extend their understanding of and vocabulary in Gagana Sāmoa. How Do You Say ‘Thank You’? also features a visual and phonetic glossary to assist with continued practice and learning.

TITLE: How Do You Say 'Thank You'?
AUTHOR: Karamia Muller
ILLUSTRATOR: Mark Paterson
HARDCOVER: 32 pages
SIZE: 186mm x 248mm x 8mm
PUBLISHER: Beatnik Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-473-21289-6

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